Wild Spirituality

Wild Spirituality can be expressed by the Life-Triskelion that has three whirls connected to and expanding from the centre of life. All three are needed in order to release the WildHeart in each of us and all are connected to the sacred source, life itself:


Stay true to your authentic nature, your unique Self. Always start from this foundation and let everything grow from it. EDGEWALKING, the Art of Becoming You, is an expression of this core reality and irrevocable basis. Read more about Edgewalking HERE


Open yourself to gentleness, to the heart, and let everything expand from its fragrance and nature as it holds everything. HEARTSHAPING, the Art of Creating SoulFlow, is an unfoldment of this central fact and unalterable value. Read more about Heartshaping HERE


Standing in yourself, holding the gentle space from your heart, release your natural wildness and let creativity engage you with the greater whole. REWILDING, the Art of Gentle Wildness, is a manifestation of this crucial aspect of your true nature. Read more about Rewilding HERE


Being you, being gentle and being wild is what you and the world needs. This unleashes something wonderful and magical: You untame yourself and start manifesting yourself as the Wildheart! Each wildheart has its own gifts, its own fragrance and its own wonders, and it truly is Wild Spirituality! In the cycle of life it can be seen and expressed as FOUR PORTALS. Read more about this unfoldment under Four Portals HERE

Renewing wildness

A world tamed by predictable repetitions cannot unfold and show what life is. We need authentic, gentle wildness. It is the element that gives us promise of renewal. Conscious wildness leads to the renewal we never thought out or fully imagined.

Equal significance

Wild Spirituality is based on the equal reality and significance of heaven, earth, and heart, where heaven is the spirit, father or source, earth is the matter, mother or expression, and the heart is the presence, the child, or the center.

Honoring totality

Wild Spirituality honors our totality: The source or the spirit is the creative fountain. The soul is the essence of consciousness and the personality is the creative expression of the soul, mentally, emotionally, energetically, and physically.

Sacred identity

Wild Spirituality gives sacred value to the former outcast: The personality. It is revered as an expression of the very essence of our being. It is approached as sovereign identity, precious self and meant gradually and uniquely to express soul and spirit.

Living experience

Wild Spirituality is always based on living experience that leads to a growing empowerment, loving kindness, and imaginative creativity. This is true in being and doing.

Heart awareness

Wild Spirituality always focus on the heart, giving full attention to presence, compassion, and clarity. The heart is wild, and wildness leads to the heart. From this comes goodness and innocence, courage, and renewal.

Manifested reality

Wild Spirituality is about manifestation of the new. All inner processes, experiences and perceptions naturally tend to lead to tangible results that transforms the individual and the greater world.

Living process

Wild Spirituality is at the center of the living process. Life is an evolutionary, energetic, and transformative process, and we need to rely on the process and unfoldment of heart wisdom in all situations as the deeper presence emerge. Evolution is a continuous journey, and everything is transformative energy.