The Art of Gentle Wildness

Wildness begins unconsciously, fades into the background as the mental sharpening matures, and reemerges as intuition sprouts. We need to invite

wildness back into our lives as we discover the limitations of the intellect and the dire crisis of the world.

The shortcomings of the intellect make it a must that we embrace the journey into our inner wilderness. Here we connect with the unfiltered rawness of natural being and the sweetness og gentle awareness. The untaming of you is a revelation and you learn to be seated peacefully in the wild wind.

Essential wildness is the saving grace. It has the inborn joy and innocence needed for great transformation in life, and deep solution to our planetary sufferings. It requires the audacity and shameless passion of true authenticity. Your life can shapeshift from broken utterings to flowing songlines. From there you can join the greater choir of co-creation with your kindred spirits, belonging to the fellowship of wholeness.

The journey is through four portals. These can be called by many names, and here they are named the StoneAnchor, grounded in the earth, the FlowDancer, rushing in glittering water, the FireDreamer, glowing in warm fire, and the WindSinger, vibrating and resonating in the living breeze. The four portals are doorways into your real, gentle wildness, and helping partners to encounter and befriend.

In the process there is teaching, meditation, creative dialogue, voice-toning, felt-sense exercises, Soul-flow methods, movement, dancing, and embodiment explorations. The approach is a unique expression of a teaching that has a background in Incarnational Spirituality, Esoteric Psychology, Energy Typology, and the SoulFlow Method.

The Art of Gentle Wildness gives:

* the liberation from the predictable tameness of domesticated usuality, and the direct experience of freshness and deep renewal.

* a growing ability to practice empathetic shapeshifting as the habitual conformity of everyday identity is unlearnt.

* a natural growing into the “heaven-earth-humaneness” that is needed to blossom as a genuine, creative WildHeart.