The Art of Creating SoulFlow

Our Inner Worlds are landscapes of our transpersonal awareness, character, mindsets, emotional states, and deep, subconscious ground, and they are all populated with inner, living parts or gestalts we experience in roles, voices, and identifications during our lives.

Often, we experience a split between how we think or hope we are, and what unfolds. This is because of a division or fragmentation between our many parts and our central identity and essence, and it is the root cause of our prolonged sufferings, crisis, and chaotic challenges in life.

We become trapped in our own maze of mirrors and masks and end up being refugees from our true, inner home.

The unification of the many, becoming the one, is a process that requires deep tenderness towards ourselves and a dedicated willingness to meet the homeless parts in deep appreciation, no matter how their condition is, and invite them back into wholeness. This is a journey where all the ”lost” parts are liberated and their life-core set free. The landscapes in our inner realms gradually become the forgotten land that was recaptured or recovered.

Heartshaping is to bring a true SoulFlow into our inner landscapes and their inhabitants, inviting the lights to join on a new journey of wholeness-making. It is experienced as a heart-wise method, a Heart-Space Practice of standing, holding and engaging resulting in the emergence of conscious, loving creativity. In this process there is engagement with the local landscape and all inhabitants around, and it creates a sense of how the inner work can manifest as an outer activity in the world we are part of.

In the process there is teaching, meditation, creative dialogue, voice-toning, felt-sense exercises, Soul-flow methods, movement, dancing, and embodiment explorations. The approach is a unique expression of a teaching that has a background in Incarnational Spirituality, Esoteric Psychology, Energy Typology, and the SoulFlow Method.

The Art of Creating SoulFlow gives:

* a deeper understanding of our inner realms (subconscious, conscious, superconscious) and their living nature.

* an enhancing of our ability to encounter and engage with our inner parts in a deeply appreciative way that is truly healing

* an initiating shapeshifting and renewal of our inner and outer being, bringing more heartshape or Soul-flow into our life.