Life is a proces, a constant movement, both cyclic and evolutionary – a spiral of constant awakening. In order to unfold what you truly are, you need to be able to stand tall in your own being, so you are able to be in heart-attunement and unimpeded flow. This unlocks your visionary nature and inherent creativity, so your imagination can result in expressed manifestation. In this way your fourfold nature shows that you are a pillar between heaven and earth, a living gateway of heartflow, an imaginative visionary and a sounding creator. These facets of you in constant evolution can be called EarthAnchor, FlowDancer, FireDreamer and WindSinger.

The four aspects of your nature and unfoldment are also four portals to your greater being, four gateways always open for you to discover and explore.

StoneAnchor – Anchoring

In your core you are always a StoneAnchor. You are potentially the deeply grounded, centered and balanced presence. From this deep ground of being comes the ever-beating incentive to Love the Earth.

FlowDancer – Movement

In the heart of your nature you are always a FlowDancer, fluxing in delight, alive, playful and spirited in ever-changing fluidity and warmth. From this aliveness comes the unquenchable desire to Follow Joy.

FireDreamer – Imagination

In your inner sanctuary you are always the FireDreamer, perpetually imaginative, marveling at new wonders with eyes of vision. From this sacred abode comes the uplifting drive to Choose Hope.

WindSinger – Voice

In your living breath you are always the WindSinger, bursting of life-musicality, resonating in vibrant, flowering, living tunefulness. From this inner reality comes the irresistable urge to Sing the Peace.