The Art of Becoming You

Your very nature is to evolve, mature and unfold. This requires a constant leaving and arriving. You leave the known and enter the unknown. This is life at its core, and we are meant to unravel the mystery of existence by entering the undiscovered continents of being.

When we access anything new, we step into the domain of in-betweenness. We are in betwixt and between, and reality may seem strange and unfamiliar, but, we are in a transition into newness. We often think familiarity is the hallmark of normality, but life is so much more than repetition. When we start awakening into more presence and conscious awareness, everything reveals an edge.

Nakedness is the language of sanity. To many it is scary to be naked. Nakedness is something that makes many freaks out, but when we are psychologically open we are naked - or transparent. It can be the most liberating thing in the world as we do not need to hide anything, and energy can be freely used to engage with here and now!

The Art of becoming who we are imply that we dare being adventurous. We must insist on the mystery and wonder of life and trusting the benign nature of existence. Edgewalking is the way we investigate and discover how much we cannot pre-plan and control. Discovering the pathfinding

journey leads us into the humble ability to dwell in uncertainty and have confidence. Here we may start to clarify what our living core really is, how our path is and where our present edge is.

You can experience Edgewalking in all life-situations and experiences. Walking means movement in contract to a fixed position. It is grounded in the fundamental experience that life is a journey and not a destination. On the adventure there is a continuous landing, an arrival into the forgotten land of how it is to BE-long, BE-hold and BE-come.

In the process there is teaching, meditation, creative dialogue, voice-toning, felt-sense exercises, Soul-flow methods, movement, dancing, and embodiment explorations. The approach is a unique expression of a teaching that has a background in Incarnational Spirituality, Esoteric Psychology, Energy Typology and the SoulFlow Method.

The Art of Becoming You gives:

* a deeper experience of how it is to discover and engage with your own edge, where you leave the comfort zone and accept the new, as you step into your unfettered being.

* a growing ability to experience in-betweenness and to harness the wild fruits of the twilight-zone where life whispers and offer hints.

* a deeper realization of what it means to let go and have open hands, to learn the wisdom of the abyss and die into new life.