Wild Spirituality is

· the aliveness that truly, gently, and totally transforms you and me.

· the embodied heartfulness that vibrates in all aspects of life.

· the unfettered stream you enter and never return from.

· the heavenly freedom and earthly delight unified in the compassionate heart-space.

The Art of Becoming You

Edgewalking is the art of being in the ever becoming now, daring to enter the unknown and to encounter the unfiltered presence of emergence. When we get lost, we may find a new way, completely unexpected and undiscovered. Edgewalking is self-discovery through not-knowing.

The Art of Creating SoulFlow

Everything has a heart or a center. Our lives have the potential of bringing true SoulFlow into all areas and levels of our being. In that way an aspect of the heart nature is imbedded or imbued into all our inner parts, giving them their core heartshape, whatever their function or nature is.

The Art of Gentle Wildness

We are ultimately called to be rewilded, letting go of predictable tameness. This is inner rewilding, the journey into being purely natural and wise. This is the hope for our humaneness. We need authentic, gentle wildness. Here is deep renewal. Here is raw delicacy, the living breath of life.

Four Portals to the WildHeart

Accepting the invitation to embark on the journey to authentic, gentle wildness will make you encounter four portals of gradual awakening, unlocking in sequence as you activate your greater being. These four gateways are also doors to your magical nature, and you can enter them on your journey in ways you have never thought of, to receive precious gifts and deep surprises. When you embrace them, they will help you, as the WildHeart, to love the Earth, follow Joy, choose Hope and sing the Peace.