Call of the Sidhe

This coming book introduce magical poems by the Irish seers, W. B. Yeats and G. W. Russell (AE) with commentaries by Søren Hauge and illustrations by Jeremy Berg. The book pays gratitude to the still living Irish tradition of the Sidhe or the forgotten people of the underworld. From there it focusses on the nature of Yeats’ and Russell’s poems and how they can be an invitation to open ourselves to the forgotten nature in ourselves and the importance of unlocking our hidden, inner treasures – the Sidhe-nature in us.

Publisher: Lorian Press

Publication date: Summer/Fall 2021

Pages: Not finished yet

Price: To be determined

ISBN: To be determined

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Finding Your ElvenHeart

A guide to untaming yourself on a quest to discover your inner Sidhe nature, your ElvenHeart, for wholeness, healing, and awakening. The book explores who the Sidhe are and shares close encounters with them in our modern world. It invites you to discover your ElvenHeart by journeying through the four portals of the StoneAnchor, the FlowDancer, the FireDreamer, and the WindSinger. Through this wild quest, the journey of untaming yourself, you will rediscover the forgotten land of innocent wildness and gentle power within you.

Publisher: Findhorn Press

Publication date: 15. Oct. 2020

Pages: 222

Price: £ 11.04 - paperback

ISBN: 978-1-64411-149-9

Ordering: Amazon link

Untamed Breath

You are the living breath, and your journey is the amazing story of awakening to light, love and power. This epic adventure is uniquely embodied in your footsteps and the new way you forge. No one will ever be able to walk the path like you, and no matter how many guiding principles you follow, life will reveal itself intimately to you, and teach you to sing your song of freedom, heart and joy.

Publisher: Forlaget Wiseheart

Publication date: September 2019

Pages: 209

Price: € 43 - hardback

ISBN: 978-87-99539857

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The Wild Alliance

In this book Søren Hauge writes eloquently and forcefully about our natural human allies, the angels and the Sidhe. He offers not only a vision of who and what they are but practical suggestions on how we can meet them in the proffered possibilities of partnership, finding in the process the angel and the Sidhe within our own nature.

Publisher: Forlaget Wiseheart

Publication date: September 2019

Pages: 110

Price: $ 15.95 - paperback

ISBN: 978-0-936878-74-4

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Books in English

Call of the Sidhe — Lorian Press, 2021

Finding Your ElvenHeart — Findhorn Press, 2020

Untamed Breath – Forlaget WiseHeart, 2019

The Wild Alliance — Lorian Press, 2015

Books in Danish

Vildhjerte (Wildheart) — WiseHeart Publishing, 2021

Elefantsprog (Elephant Language) — WiseHeart Publishing, 2017

SoulFlow – frisæt dit liv (SoulFlow – Set your Life Free) — WiseHeart Publishing, 2016

Det Glemte Land (The Forgotten Land) — WiseHeart Publishing, 2016

Vild Spiritualitet (Wild Spirituality) — WiseHeart Publishing, 2014

Sidhe – Elverkraften (Sidhe – The Elvenforce) — Lemuel Books, 2014

Englen i dig (The Angel within You) — Lemuel Books, 2012

Ildens Rejse (Journey of Fire) — WiseHeart Publishing, 2012

Dine Syv Holotyper (with Kenneth Sørensen) (Your Seven Holotypes) — Kentaur Publishers, 2010

Shakespeare Mysteriet (The Shakespeare Mystery) — Lemuel Books, 2010

Barack Obama (with Asger Lorentsen) — Lemuel Books & Gyldendal, 2009

Levende Visdom (Living Wisdom) — Lemuel Books, 2008, 2016, 2021

Teosofiens Verden (The World of Theosophy) — Levende Visdom Publishing, 2006

Daggry for Verden (Planetary Dawn) — Levende Visdom Publishing, 2004

Landskabstempler (Landscape Temples) — Visdom Publishers, 2000

Selvopdagelsens Kunst (The Art of Self-Discovery) — Borgens Publishers, 1999

Det skjulte Menneske (Hidden Man) —Borgens Publishers, 1996

Rosenkreuzerne (The Rosicrucians) — Sankt Ansgars Publishers, 1990